A downloadable Cuteness for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Go sheeps!

Pair up with your friend to compete against others in a sheep shaving competition and become the TOP DOG in global highscores!

It can also be played in single player mode.

Its recommended to play the game using two XBOX controllers.


X-BOX Controllers:

Left stick: Movement, Buy dog: Y BUTTON (at the farm), Dog - stay: A BUTTON, Dog- summon: B BUTTON.

Keyboard + Mouse controlls:

Player 1: WSAD, Buy dog: Q (at the farm), Dog - stay: E, Dog-summon: Space.

Player 2: Arrows, Buy dog: O (At the farm), Dog - stay: I, Dog-summon: P.

Link to project repository: https://bitbucket.org/nibylev/sfas2017


Go sheeps!.zip 18 MB
Go sheeps!.app.zip 20 MB
Go sheeps! Pingwin.zip 21 MB

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